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We thank you for your interest in Galen University (GU), and what our Financial Services office has to offer. As a prospective or returning GU student, we are excited to learn that you are considering to attend our outstanding private prestigious institution. We pride ourselves in working closely with each student and their families to provide the latest information to plan and navigate through our financial aid services. The staff and faculty at Galen realize that every student has a unique set of circumstances and they are committed to each GU student’s success. Every aspect of the process is essential to the completion of their education, and it is addressed including affordability.


Galen University has a variety of financial aid programs available both internally and through outside partnerships to support our students’ goals. Eligibility for these financial aid options is based on financial need and history of students’ academic progress. Each student’s financial aid request is thoroughly assessed to determine the amount of financial support they are qualified to receive. The Office of Financial Services takes into consideration incomes, personal budgets, number of dependents, and siblings attending college, along with several other important factors to determine the amount of funding to approve.

Aid Options

Financial aid options include several forms of assistance with regards to student’s payment plans:

  • STANDARD TUITION RATE is $360 BZ per credit hour for students paying CASH up front.
  • LOANS AND INSTALLMENT PLANS RATE is $400 BZ per credit hour.

Installment Plans

There are two type of payment plans:

  • Students can pay 50% of tuition during registration and the remaining 50% no later than a week before End-of-Semester Examinations.
  • Monthly payment plans carry a maximum of 4 equal payments. Full semester tuition must be paid at end of each semester.

Students must enter a Payment Agreement (Promissory Note) which will have in detail monthly payments required. This needs to be done preferably the first day of class or by the Drop and Add Deadline which is normally 10 days after the first day of class.


  • Be a registered Galen Student with a Student ID meaning Application and Registration payments have been made in full and the student has received his/ her acceptance letter
  • Meet with our Student Financial Services Director to agree on payment plans and policies.
  • Show proof and Address with any current utility bill (water, electricity, phone, cable, internet, etc.)
  • Give current contact information: phone numbers, email address, and place of employment
  • Submit color copy of a valid ID – Social Security or Passport

Student Loans (7% to 9% Interest Plans)

The Student Loan Program at Galen is designed to help pay for educational expenses, so students can make their dream of higher education a reality. GU’s loan program is intended to pay for tuition only and is based on the loan values of each student’s varying realities:

  • Full tuition is at the loan rate of $400 BZ per credit hour
  • Final semester or final year tuition students who are seeking a loan to complete his/ her studies
  • Students enrolling with part scholarships


  • Be a Belizean (naturalized Belizeans and Belizean residents can also apply)
  • Submit total credit hours you want to be financed
  • Complete a Student Loan Application Form
  • Submit color copy of a valid ID – Social Security or Passport
  • Show proof of address with any current utility bill is not in your name, kindly have the person’s whose name appears on the utility bill (parent, legal guardian or landlord), sign the utility bill attesting to the fact that you reside at the address and provide us with a copy of a valid ID.
  • All loans will require 2 cosigners/ guarantors if student is attending full time and is unemployed.
  • Student who will be attending Online and is employed, a salary deduction letter from his/ her current place of employment is required.
  • Cosigners must be gainfully employed and must provide current employment letter detailing salary, length of employment and position.
  • Cosigners must also be of Belizean nationality (naturalized Belizeans and Belizean residents can also apply) and must provide a color copy of valid ID, proof of Address.
  • Cosigners must also fill out a Loan Application Form

Professional Work Study

Galen Professional Work Study Program is valued at 40% of tuition. THis plan is given to a student who has a 3.0 GPA and is expected to maintain it. This Professional Work Study award allows student the opportunity to earn their tuition cost, while gaining valuable professional experience at the University. The remaining 60% can be paid by cash, loan or installment payments. This program aims to build well- rounded Belizean leaders, who demonstrate the best combination of citizenship and academic abilities, founded on strong character. This professional work program requires that a student works 10 documented hours per week, per 14-week semesters. Work given depends on the specific student’s interest, time and skills set. This work must be carried out on campus and is assigned by the Student Services Director and agreed upon by the Director and the student.