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Galen University encourages applications from a diverse group of prospective students. Our ideal student is inquisitive, hardworking, honest, respectful of others, and insightful about themselves. Galen University adheres to a policy of non-discrimination in the admission of students. Candidates for admission are considered without reference to race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, color, disability, national origin, marital status or political belief. Galen University students come from around the globe, bringing with them a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds and experiences. Galen University values highly the diversity of our student body.

Your first step in applying is to fill out an application form. Indicate if you are applying for first year or transfer admission. Also decide which semester you would like to begin your studies. Galen University admits students in January, May, and September of each year.

Your application form must be fully completed before the Admissions Committee can consider your application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to begin the process in a timely manner so that Galen University's Office of Admissions receives transcripts and all other documentation at least four weeks before the start of a session. Applications for admission are processed on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply at the earliest opportunity to allow ample time to complete the application process.

If you are an international applicant for a degree, kindly visit the International Students Page. If your secondary and/or post-secondary school documents are not in English, you must submit notarized translations along with original documents. Contact the Office of Admission for information about how to do this.

If you are interested in applying for a semester study abroad, or a summer field course, please contact us at for an application form, or for more information. Feel free to email us with all your questions.

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