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Galen University is committed to provide quality education across its programs. All students must pay in full by the beginning of classes or have a written agreement for payment which can be a Payment Agreement/Promissory Note. Students who are not financially current will not be considered registered after the Drop & Add Deadline. New Class Lists will be issued at that time.

Only in exceptional cases will delinquent students be allowed to finish the semester under special approval from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Students who have not met their payment terms may not register or enroll in any subsequent semester until their balance is current. In extenuating circumstances, the CFO may issue exceptions to this policy, but it must be done in writing and before the start of the semester.

All non-degree students are Cash Students and must pay their tuition and fees in full before the start of classes and may not attend any classes until their full payment is settled. Galen University offers its students a variety of plans for payment of tuition and fees to make tertiary education available to every qualified student in Belize. Galen's credit policies place all students into one of the following groups:

A. Cash Payment Students

These students will pay the semester's Tuition and Fees in full by the last day of the Drop & Add Period for each semester. Students paying in full by the deadline receive a 10% discount on tuition. No exceptions will be made to the deadline date. Students who do not pay by the deadline will be charged a $25.00 late fee and must enter into an agreement with the University to pay by installments.

B. Installment Students - Payment Agreement/Promissory Note

These students must sign a Payment Agreement with the University. Installment Agreements are interest free and are for students who will pay their tuition and fees in full during the semester. The agreements are normally for three of four installments due at the middle or end of each month, depending on the students' preference. Payments are given a three day grace period only. Late installment payments accrue a $100.00 late fee each month the payment is received late.

C. Loans through Financial Partners

The Development Finance Cooperation and the Commercial Banks offer comprehensive loan solutions for your education needs. We encourage our prospective and current students to contact these institutions directly for further information.


For further information, please contact:

Juanita Cowo
Accounting Assistant
Galen University
Finance Department