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Dr. Louis Zabaneh is President of Galen University. The government, conduct, management and control of the academic aspects of Galen University are vested in this Board. The Board has all powers necessary to perform these duties and to achieve the academic objectives and purposes of the university. This includes the power to make policies and set procedures in place.

The following individuals serve as members of Galen University's Board of Trustees:

Senator Godwin Hulse

Senator Godwin Hulse is an engineer by profession, and a successful businessman. He is an expert on quality rice production, sales and marketing. For over a decade, he has participated in governance and legislative affairs of Belize. He has been an advocate, activist, author, and co-author to many laws and amendments. He assisted in drafting legislation, including the Free Zone and the Belize Chamber of Commerce Acts. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 1993 he was a Councilor on the Board of the BCIi, and in 2008, he served as its President. Mr. Hulse was appointed to the Senate of Belize by the BCCI, and the Belize Business Bureau, to represent the interests of the private sector.

Dr. Aaron P. Lewis

Dr. Aaron P. Lewis received a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Physics from South Carolina State University, and a PhD from The University of South Carolina (USA). His dissertation research was in the area of nuclear and low temperature physics. His career has focused on tertiary level education. He taught and also conducted research assistantships at the University of South Carolina and at Syracuse University in the USA. In 2000, Dr. Lewis returned to Belize and joined the University of Belize, where he is an Assistant Professor. From 2002-2003 he served as Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Belize. From 2003-2007 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Dr. Lewis has a number of research publications in physics.


Ms. Marian E. McNab

Ms. Marian E. McNab received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Mesa State College, Colorado, U.S.A., and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management and Development from the University of Manchester, U.K. She has spent her career working in the Public Service of the Government of Belize. She has served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of the Public Service and Labour (1993-1998), Tourism, Information and Broadcasting (1998-1999), and the Attorney General (1999-2000). She has also served been the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministries of the Public Service (2000-2003), Education, Youth and Sports (2003-2008), and is currently the CEO in the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development.


Dr. Glenford Howe




Mr. Clifton Hill