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The Policies

The policies and procedures provide students with a framework for their time spent at Galen University. Galen adheres to all applicable laws of Belize. In addition, policies and procedures in the area of Student Life, and Student Affairs are developed by the Office of Student Affairs in conjunction with students, faculty, and staff members. Students who may not understand, or who question any of the policies are encouraged to consult with a member of the Student Affairs staff. It is the responsibility of each student to make him/herself familiar with all of the policies and procedures as outlined hereafter.

Use and Consequences:

The Board chooses to place a student on Academic Probation if, in its judgment, the student is at an academic risk. This usually entails the student having two or more failing grade(s). These do not necessarily need to be final grades, but can be interim scores that have been recorded by the course director. A notation of the potential need to place a student on Academic Probation may be entered in a Promotion Board’s minutes regarding the student. Such notation would alert the student to the Board’s concern regarding future academic problems. The nature of the Academic Probation status is one of indicating to the student that his/her studies must come first and that every effort should be expended in assuring success. To that end, the student must seek avenues of remediation both through the course director and through the Office of Student Affairs. While on Academic Probation, a student is not allowed to hold a position in the student government, attend trips on behalf of student organizations, pursue committee work, participate as a teaching assistant, and is encouraged not to hold a job. The Board feels that to be placed on probation is tantamount to warning a student that he/she is in serious trouble; and, should the student fail to achieve the academic standards of the program specified for each academic year, he/she can expect a recommendation of dismissal from the School by the Promotion Board. Removal of Probation: To be removed from Academic Probation, a student must maintain two successive semesters with passing grades in courses, i.e., receive no Fs. However, a Promotion Board may retain a student on Academic Probation for a period longer than two semesters, or if a student presents other factors, which in the judgment of the Board warrant continuance of Academic Probation. Since Academic Probation is meant to be a warning to the student that he/she is in significant academic difficulty, it is not recorded on the student’s official transcript.