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Galen University awards ten new scholarships

Posted on 2014/8/29 14:31:14 ( 69 reads )

Central Farm, Cayo – Ten (10) deserving Belizean students are the latest recipients of varying levels and types of scholarships offered at Galen University for the Fall 2014 semester.  At a scholarship agreement signing held at the University’s Central Farm Campus on August 25th and August 27th, 2014, the recipients were provided with the relevant guidelines, procedures, and academic expectations of Galen University.  Scholarships were awarded in four categories: Academic Excellence, Academic-Financial Need, Athletic, and Music.  One outstanding student was also awarded the Daniel Silva Academic-Financial Need Scholarship.

The University’s scholarship program affords students the opportunity to pursue higher education to develop a strong academic career.  The program aims to build well-rounded Belizean leaders, demonstrating the best combination of character, citizenship, and academic potential.

Galen University congratulates its scholarship recipients:

  • Academic Excellence: Ruvi Bautista, Jessie Gentle, Jasmin Nicole Hulse
  • Financial Aid based: Derrick Seaven Bol, Mario Alberto Villeda
    • Daniel Silva Academic-Financial Need Scholarship: Kaycee Nikita Flores
  • Music Scholarship: Romario Romaldo Pech
  • Athletic Scholarship: Kevin Brown, Bryton Edmundo Codd, Christopher Enriquez


Go Eagles!

Adam Carswell is the new basketball team head coach at Galen University

Posted on 2014/8/23 13:50:00 ( 77 reads )

Galen University welcomes Mr. Adam Carswell as the new basketball team head coach. Mr. Carswell will work closely with our Galen Eagles Basketball Team as they prepare for various upcoming events and tournaments for the FALL 2014 semester.  We strongly believe that Mr. Carswell will be of a great asset to the team members as they plan to maintain the championship title!

We also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Steve Williams, former coach, for his excellent and dedicated service to our basketball team. Coach Williams certainly played a significant role in the development of our players.

Once again, welcome Coach Adam Carswell. We wish you all of the best.

Go Eagles!

Galen University to hold Inauguration ceremony for two new centers in Belize City and Punta Gorda

Posted on 2014/8/21 11:00:00 ( 93 reads )

On August 23, 2014, Galen University will be hosting an inauguration ceremony for both the Belize City and Punta Gorda Galen Centers. The ceremony will be held simultaneously, with the presence of various University officials and Ministry of Education representatives at the respective centers. The ceremony will commence at 1:30 PM at 2622 Mercy Lane, Unit 1, Belize City and 42 Jose Maria Nunez St. Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District.

Galen continues to reach out to Belizean students across the country in providing timely, relevant and quality education; at the same time maintaining the capacity to deliver effective teaching and learning environment. This will be considered another milestone achievement and a dream come true for both the University and the student body that we serve. We are focused and determined in growing within Belize, therefore; we continue to expand our branches.

Galen University, Foundations for Life!

Go Eagles Go!

Galen University Student Handbook and Disabilities Manual Released

Posted on 2014/7/18 16:29:53 ( 181 reads )

Galen University is proud to announce the release of its Student Handbook and Disabilities Manual to the entire student body currently enrolled at the University. This came as a result of our continuous effort in providing students with quality services, especially when it comes to student life and student affairs. These two main documents will provide our current students with proper guidelines, policies and procedures to easily adjust in the Galen community and as well as to actively promote the academic spirit among fellow students.

We believe that our students play an integral part of our growth and success as an academic institution; therefore, we continue to offer students an environment conducive to learning and promoting academic and personal success.

Students are advised to take full responsibility in becoming knowledgeable of the contents of the handbook and the manual. Students can access copies of these documents via their Galen email accounts. 

Go Eagles!

Murals to be constructed at Galen University Central Farm Campus

Posted on 2014/7/16 16:10:00 ( 105 reads )

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in,” Amy Lowell. Aligned with our continued commitment to foster a kindred relationship with our students, Galen University is embarking the construction of several murals at its Central Farm Campus. The main objective of the project is to enable the Galen community to find creative ways to communicate emotions, culture, thoughts, ideas, and the of way life at the University. This wonderful work of art will be prominently displayed on the outer walls of the building and will depict who we are, what we do, and how we live within the University and in the wider community. 

Painting of the mural is expected to commence the week of August 4th (Monday) to August 10th (Sunday), 2014. Heading the project will be Mr. Fernando Cruz, who is a well-recognized and very talented artist from the Cayo District. Galen University believes in collective development and therefore invites current students, faculty, and staff to take part in this signficant effort. All stakeholders have an opportunity to present their suggestions and recommendations on improving this undertaking, as well as to work hand in hand with Mr. Cruz to create the actual paintings. Interested individuals are kindly asked to contact Mr. Cruz via his email account at

We certainly welcome everyone on board! Go Eagles!


Mural 2

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