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Galen University Student Handbook and Disabilities Manual Released

Posted on 2014/7/18 16:29:53 ( 68 reads )

Galen University is proud to announce the release of its Student Handbook and Disabilities Manual to the entire student body currently enrolled at the University. This came as a result of our continuous effort in providing students with quality services, especially when it comes to student life and student affairs. These two main documents will provide our current students with proper guidelines, policies and procedures to easily adjust in the Galen community and as well as to actively promote the academic spirit among fellow students.

We believe that our students play an integral part of our growth and success as an academic institution; therefore, we continue to offer students an environment conducive to learning and promoting academic and personal success.

Students are advised to take full responsibility in becoming knowledgeable of the contents of the handbook and the manual. Students can access copies of these documents via their Galen email accounts. 

Go Eagles!

Murals to be constructed at Galen University Central Farm Campus

Posted on 2014/7/16 16:10:00 ( 37 reads )

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in,” Amy Lowell. Aligned with our continued commitment to foster a kindred relationship with our students, Galen University is embarking the construction of several murals at its Central Farm Campus. The main objective of the project is to enable the Galen community to find creative ways to communicate emotions, culture, thoughts, ideas, and the of way life at the University. This wonderful work of art will be prominently displayed on the outer walls of the building and will depict who we are, what we do, and how we live within the University and in the wider community. 

Painting of the mural is expected to commence the week of August 4th (Monday) to August 10th (Sunday), 2014. Heading the project will be Mr. Fernando Cruz, who is a well-recognized and very talented artist from the Cayo District. Galen University believes in collective development and therefore invites current students, faculty, and staff to take part in this signficant effort. All stakeholders have an opportunity to present their suggestions and recommendations on improving this undertaking, as well as to work hand in hand with Mr. Cruz to create the actual paintings. Interested individuals are kindly asked to contact Mr. Cruz via his email account at

We certainly welcome everyone on board! Go Eagles!


Mural 2

Senior Students at Galen Undergo Interview Skills & Resume Writing Workshop

Posted on 2014/7/8 13:40:00 ( 56 reads )

On Wednesday July 2nd 2014, a group of senior students from Galen University participated in an Interview Skills and Resume Writing Workshop hosted by our very own Mr. Clifton Hill. This workshop was designed to help students to become more knowledgeable of what to expect from a job interview and how to respond professionally and accurately. It also entailed a series of best practices when it comes to dressing code, mannerism and an over all work ethics. The students were also provided with relevant information on how to go about writing a Resume, inclusive of all its components. The students also got several opportunities to respond to certain interview questions in order for them to get a feel of any future interview session that they may come across. The students participated fully and they were certainly appreciative of such initiative. Big thank you to Mr. Hill.

We believe that it is a major responsibility of the institution to provide quality service to our students and ensure that they are well prepared for the work force. We will continue to nurture our students as best as we can. 

Galen University's Faculty and Staff Undergoes First Aid Training

Posted on 2014/7/3 11:50:07 ( 67 reads )

On Saturday, June 28, ten members from Galen University’s faculty and staff underwent a first-aid training session that was instructed by facilitators from the Belize Red Cross.  This initiative is part of the University’s Health & Safety Department plan to continue to promote campus safety, especially among its students and employees.  The ten employees who successfully participated in the day’s training will be receiving certification from the Belize Red Cross and will become Basic First-Aiders.  This certification is valid for a year after which the University’s Basic First-Aiders team will be scheduled to undergo another session to be re-certified.

Galen University extends gratitude to the team of instructors from the Belize Red Cross for assisting in this effort in promoting continued campus safety.



Photo Caption: Galen University Basic First-Aiders Team engaging in a day of training.

First Aid Training

Galen University Signs Agreement of Cooperation With The University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Posted on 2014/6/5 10:10:00 ( 241 reads )
Campus News

The president of Galen University, Professor Andreas Charalambous visited the University of North Carolina Wilmington to sign an agreement of cooperation in the areas of student and faculty exchanges and research collaboration, and to advance talks for a strategic partnership between the two universities, including the offering of dual awards. The agreement was signed on behalf of UNCW by Denise A. Battles, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. This visit builds on the successful cooperation between the two universities in the offering of a Master’s degree in Education to Belizean teachers, and on-going research and outreach programs. The two universities are working to extend more dual degree opportunities to Belizean undergraduate and graduate students in several disciplines.

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