Galen University’s study abroad programs offer students a wonderful opportunity to learn in a developing country. Belize “Mother Nature’s best kept secret”, is a tropical paradise nextled in the heart of Central America with a stable democracy of approximately 340,00 people. Even though English is the official language, other indigenous languages such as the Belizean creole and spanish are spoken, offering a blend of cultural experience. There are mountains, cayes, inland tropical forests, pristine rivers, with many ancient Mayan Temples. Along Belize’s Caribbean coastline lies the second largest longest barrier reef in the world with seven protected areas that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The biodiversity within the borders makes the entire country a living classroom and provides opportunity to students interested in a variety of subjects such as environmental science, sustainable development and ecology. The rich and unique culture of Belize reflects the diversity the people who call Belize home making the country an excellent place to study anthropology and archeology. Belize is definitely the number one place to live, study, and explore.