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Computer Science is the theoretical study of electronic information management and computation, as well as practical techniques for transmitting, storing and manipulating this information. Computer Science is distinguished from Information Technology (IT) and other related fields in that it has a deeper focus on the foundations of computer functionality, on software engineering and on application development, rather than the maintenance and repair of physical components.

Students who complete a degree in Computer Science will be qualified to analyze, create and modify computer programs both individually and working with development teams to produce complex, quality software at a professional level, and on a variety of platforms. In addition, students will be exposed to computer networks, user interfaces, database systems and other common applications. Near the end of the program, students will be able to select a project in Computer Science from a broad range of areas including Artificial Intelligence and 3D Graphic Design to round off their knowledge base and examine those aspects of the discipline that appeal to them individually.

You are an analytical thinker who loves an intellectual challenge. You like technology and how it lets you apply your creativity and innovation. You are the perfect candidate for a degree in Computer Science at Galen.

Are You ...

  • An analytical Thinker?
  • Up to a Challenge?
  • Fascinated with Technology?
  • Innovative & enjoy using your creative skills?

If one or more of the above attributes fit your personality, you are a perfect candidate for our Bachelor of Computer Science Degree Program at Galen University. Enroll today and use your passion and intuitiveness to earn your Bachelor degree along with the knowledge for a career as one of the following:

  • An Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • A Database Administrator
  • A Game Developer
  • An IT Consultant
  • An Information Systems Manager & More .,.


We have a plan to fit every student need. At Galen University, we have a variety of financial aid options to help our students afford their plans and support their goals. We assess each student thoroughly to determine the financial support they are qualified to receive and help them select the best-fitted option to realize their plan.

We offer:

  • $360 per credit hour (if paid in cash, upfront during registration)
  • Installment PlansStudent Loans (low- interest bearing)
  • Approved Loan Partner Referrals

Grants from CXC Passes can also be used to offset GU’s tuition cost. Students are also encouraged to apply for the following:

(The options below are awarded once a year in September)


  • Academic Excellence (a GPA of 3.5 minimum is required)
  • Athletic Prowess (a GPA of 3.0 minimum is required)


  • Galen University’s Professional Work Study Program is designed to help students with strong academic work ethics and a GPA of 3.0 minimum. This opportunity allows students to pay for their tuition by working for the school while they pursue a higher education and earn their degree.

For more information, please contact GU’s Financial Services Office at, or call: +501-824-3226