Veterinary Technicians study animal health, to assist Veterinarians in the care of all types of animals.

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Veterinary Technicians study animal health, to assist Veterinarians in the care of all types of animals. The veterinary technician plays a vital role in applying knowledge and clinical skills, as part of the veterinary team, to provide routine and emergency nursing care to animals live healthy lives. A Vet Tech is responsible for collecting samples, and performing diagnostic tests and x-rays, administering medications, facilitating well-check exams, prepping animals for and assisting veterinarians in surgery, and comforting and educating pet owners, among other tasks.

Why Study Veterinary Technician

The health of an animal can have an impact on our health, especially if livestock and poultry become ill. In a country that has a large poultry and livestock industry, veterinary technicians are of great value, especially in rural communities. But pet health is also essential, and communities rely on Vet Techs to assist in the care of their pets.

This is a growing field, where Veterinarians rely more and more on the assistance or Vet Techs in monitoring the health of our animals. It is a rewarding field that provides individuals with opportunities to save lives and livelihoods.

There is a vital need in Belize for the formal training of Veterinary Technicians for professionals who support Veterinarians in the field within the agricultural sector or Veterinarians who care for the health of domestic animals.

Veterinary Technician at Galen

Galen University’s Veterinary Technician program, the only program of it’s kind in Belize, provides an Associate’s degree that prepares students to care and provide preventative and maintenance services for animals. The program follows the North America Model of Veterinary Medical Education, and the academic pathway is similar to the one followed by AVMA accredited veterinary schools in the US and Canada.

The program delivery is a complex and advanced study. Students will gain valuable knowledge in administering general processes as well as performing critical care procedures that including emergency care for sick or injured animals and practising how to handle or aquarium services and management. Each of the professional courses includes practical clinical or field experiences, and the program concludes with an internship.

This 24-month Veterinary Technician Associate Degree Program is offered online with face-to-face field, lab and research class schedules on campus, relevant sites and labs.
It is designed to provide students with entry-level knowledge and abilities to obtain employment as a veterinary technician.
The program not only provides students with the knowledge of the field in which they will work but also to provide them with the various practical field experiences of the Veterinary Technician.

Sample Courses from the Veterinary Technician Program

Courses that students will take within our program include:

  • Animal Behaviour & Restraint
  • Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology
  • Veterinary Nutrition
  • Food Safety
  • Veterinary Pharmacy
  • Poultry & Fish Health Management
  • Veterinary Nursing
  • Veterinary Surgical Assistance

Career Opportunities

There are numerous employment opportunities that veterinary technician graduates can pursue at various agencies around Belize such as:

  • BAHA
  • Reimers Feed Mill
  • Private Vet Clinics
  • Farms (Poultry, Livestock & Aquaculture)
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Zoo

Veterinary Technicians study animal health, to assist Veterinarians in the care of all types of animals.