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At Galen University, the outdoors become the classroom, as students spend time in our natural environment, conducting studies, participating in research and observing the interaction between communities and protected areas. Our Environmental Science Bachelor degree program is a perfect blend of theory, and skill development that is combined with field experience and policy consideration.

Program Benefits

Students interested in the environment are given a unique opportunity to master the eco-systems that need protection, as well as learn to gain understanding of the cultural issues that impact those systems. The program also provides writing, analysis and research skills development and execution; these allow graduates to offer advice on policy development for the protection of fragile eco-systems.

Students are taught in Belize's natural environment, by experienced Environmentalists, Policy Advisors and Organizational Leaders. They learn to:

  • Develop a professional network of colleagues in one of the largest employable sector
  • Participate in actual industry research
  • Partner with visiting researchers and other environmental students from abroad
  • Transition smoothly into graduate school anywhere, globally

Job Opportunities

Galen University Environmental Degree Graduates gain employment, most of the time prior to, or immediately after graduation; due to their strong network and research exposure while completing their coursework. The wide range of studies allows graduates to start their Careers as:

  • Consultants
  • Environmental Specialists in marine or terrestrial eco-systems
  • Policy Advisors
  • Researchers
  • Technical Advisors

Very Affordable

Our tuition is designed to make it easier than ever to attend Galen University. We offer personalized assistance at to access a student loan from one of our approved financial insitutions. We will help you match your needs to an affordable plan that will allow you to pay for your tuition and fees on time. Contact us now. We want to help make your dreams a reality by assisting with available options adn solutions, to start yoru education here, at Galen University.

Easy Access

Students can enter our four-year Bachelor program directly from high school with a GPA of 2.5. Junior College majors in Arts, Arts & Sciences or Biology & Chemistry also transition smoothly into this program. Relevant courses are accepted from all ATLIB institutions. It’s easy to apply using Galen’s convenient online application available on our website. Belize is a perfect backdrop for a strong Anthropology degree, we have all the necessary resources such as our Mayan temples, diverse cultures, variety of languages and even access to ancient biological material.