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As a University it is important to keep out students with the resources they need. We pride ourselves with the commodities we offer, below are some of our available exisiting resrouces students can take advantage of:


Keeping up with the demands of college life may become strenuous and unpredictable challenges may arise for which emotional support or simply an ear to listen is needed. To complement the existing support system offered to our Galen University students, counseling services are also provided.

Students have around-the-clock access to the University’s counseling services offered by our dedicated counselor ( Confidentiality is assured at all times.

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides academic support services to students enrolled at Galen University at no additional cost. It is supported by resources provided by the university and focuses on tutoring and supplemental instruction. The Center’s tutors are Galen University scholars who offer learning assistance in students’ courses and other specified academic activities (e.g. capstone projects). The tutors also work to identify and address students' needs and concerns, and recommend additional campus resources intended to meet those needs. Tutors are trained by select faculty of the University and are supervised by the Office of Student Affairs.



Tutoring is available from the second week of each semester and continues until the week before final examinations. Administrative support is provided by the Office of Student Affairs. Students may access unlimited walk-in tutoring in Mathematics and English. Tutoring by appointment is available in a limited number of subjects and those subjects vary each semester.

The University issues identification cards to all students at the beginning of the academic year. This card is the official form of identification that students utilize to confirm their active enrolment at Galen University. Students should carry their IDs whenever they are on campus since the ID card acts as a proof of identity, especially when collecting official University documents (including transcripts, grade reports, confirmation letters, etc.) or sitting exams.

Each student is responsible for use of his/her identification card and should not loan the card to anyone. Lost or stolen identification cards should be immediately reported to the Office of Student Affairs so that a replacement card can be issued. Students requiring a replacement ID card will be charged a replacement fee of $10.



The Office of Student Affairs provides career services to Galen alumni and students. Working closely with faculty, the Office coordinates the following activities from which students directly benefit:

  • Career advising and coaching;
  • Professional development workshops;
  • Résumé reviews;
  • Connecting with prospective employers through career fairs, as well as job and internship listings.
  • The Job Office fosters an environment conducive to learning and promoting academic and personal success for each of our students.