Dionne Chamberlain Miranda

Dionne Chamberlain Miranda

Assistant Professor


Education: MBA Global Management University of Phoenix, Ph.D. Business Administration Warren University

Professional Interest

She is the Managing Director of a successful regional consulting firm which works on a social entrepreneurship perspective. She has extensive expertise, knowledge in the following areas.

  • Over 17 years of experience in working with international organizations and donors;
  • Has extensive experience in policy, procedures, and programme management;
  • Over 25 years experience of project formulation and evaluation;
  • She is a communication and visibility expert trained in Public Relation’s Management by the American Management Association.
  • She is change Management certified by PROSCII.
  • Her coursework is relevant as she is familiar with Belize’s conditions (political, social, and cultural) inclusive of disaster risk reduction programs, business continuity and recovery amidst COVID19.
  • She is committed to gender mainstreaming and climate resilience and adaptation in her projects.
  • She is a published author of 4 Motivational books and is working on her 5th.

Academic Focus

She aims to create enlightened global view citizens who seek, knowledge, through desk and primary research and create sound formulation and analysis of data to effectuate outcomes in strategic direction being recommended for local regional and international firms.

Courses Taught: Entrepreneurship, Organizational Management, Marketing, Strategic Formulation and Analysis and Global Management