Kendra Hoyt, MSCJ

Kendra Hoyt, MSCJ



Kendra M. Hoyt is an independent facilitator and trainer providing services to non-profit organizations and educational institutions with a focus on issues of social justice and leadership development, cultural responsiveness, communication skills, implementing a restorative justice approach in schools and out of school time programs, strategic planning, life skills and coaching. She dedicates herself to enhancing the power of organizations to better meet the needs of adults, youth and communities of all racial heritages, gender identities and economic backgrounds. Kendra believes deeply in the capacity of young people to be change agents in their community. She is a student of Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” and Don Miguel Ruiz’s “the Four Agreements.”

Kendra M. Hoyt is a social justice activist and community organizer. She has worked for over 25 years with youth and families across the state of Massachusetts and abroad in Belize, Central America. In 1990 she began work as a pre-school teacher in Cambridge and later worked as an advocate, counselor and educator with Boston youth through the Department of Social Services, Boston Public Schools and several community-based youth programs. She also served as a consultant to the Boston Evening Academy and as a key member of the Program Department at Citizen Schools. Kendra possesses a strong spirit of social justice and community organizing. She has challenged injustices in a variety of ways throughout her life, including petitions against Apartheid in junior high school, leading an 800-student walkout in high school in support of teacher’s rights in the city of Boston, and working for Mass Choice to secure a women’s right to choose. She attended the rally in New York City on February 15th in protest of the War in Iraq; her account of this historic event, alongside her mother’s, appeared in the February 19th Living section of the Boston Globe.

She then assisted in the coordination and implementation of the citywide Anti-War Activism Conference for Youth at Harvard University on April 12th and marched with the Peace Pagoda Buddhists from Cambridge to the State House in protest of the war. In 2001, Kendra joined the leadership team as the Program Director at Freedom House, Inc. in Roxbury, where she developed, implemented and managed programs that serve community members through Education, Technology and Leadership initiatives. In 2006 Kendra spent a 10-month respite in Belize, Central America during which time she chose to teach part time at Sacred Heart Junior College in San Ignacio, Cayo District. Upon her return she worked with the Boston Public Schools Middle Schools providing program management for the Out of Harm’s Way Initiative focused on addressing the root causes of violence and the results of trauma impacting youth. In 2010 she launched JUST Circles, an independent consulting business dedicated to building communities of care and respect through restorative practices and the use of Circles. Kendra currently lives in Belize, Central America where she is working as a Life Coach and Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Galen University and is working to publish the first of what she hopes is a series of books in this coming year 2019.

Kendra is a 2005 Fellow with the Children’s Defense Fund Emerging Leaders Program out of Washington DC. In 2006, the City of Boston awarded her with a citation for 15 years of service to Boston’s youth and families. In that same year the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women awarded Kendra with the unsung Heroine recognition.

Kendra earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Therapy and Counselling Psychology from Emmanuel College and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University.