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Register For Classes

Q. How do I register for classes?


A. You can register for classes via:

Registration Portal

Q. How do I login via the registration portal?

A. A User ID should have been sent to you via your acceptance letter with login credentials. Your User ID is typically in the form of an alphanumeric combination such as 2008TH384

Galen Email Address

Q: How am I notified about an admission decision?


A. Your Galen Email address should have been sent to you via your acceptance letter. It is typically the first letter of your first name along with your surname. Example for user John Doe -

Access My Email

Q. How do I access my Email?


A. Email can be accessed via   Once there you enter your Galen email username and password. Eg: jdoe

Reset My Email's Password

Q. How can I reset my Email's password?


A. Assuming you have logged in and set up a recovery method, it will work the same as Gmail. Alternatively, you can email or call Galen's IT Support team.

Access Moodle

Q. How do I access Moodle?

A. Moodle can be accessed via

Register To Moodle

Q. Do I have to register to Moodle?

A. No. A moodle account will be autogenerated for you once you have registered for classes via the student portal at:

Moodle Username

Q. What is my Moodle username?

A. Your moodle username is the username being used in your Galen email. Eg: jdoe

Reset My Moodle Password

Q. How can I reset my Moodle password if I've forgotten it?

A. Assuming you have registered for classes a moodle account should have been created for you automatically. However, the following can be done to reset your password if at any point you forget.

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Forgotten your username or password?" link.

3. Choose "Search by email address"

4. Enter your Galen Email address.

5. Visit your Galen Email address and open the email sent by Galen Administrator.

6. Follow the instructions that the email contains.

please note the reset link is only valid for 30 minutes. If this time has passed, then you need to start over again.

Access Student Online Library

Q. How do I access the student online library?

A. The student online library is accessed via: credentials can be gotten from a lecturer. Alternatively, you can email or call Galen's IT Support team.


Q. What is Blackboard?

A. Blackboard Collaborate™ is a simple, convenient and reliable online collaborative learning solution. This fully redesigned solution delivers a level of engagement that makes learners feel like they’re together in the same room via collaboration and conference tools. This has been integrated into moodle.

 Access Blackboard

Q. How do I access Blackboard?

A. Assuming your lecturer will be using Blackboard you will then find one of the icons for Blackboard as a link. This will then take you to a "Join Session" page. If you have not downloaded the launcher it will take you to the download page. You must chose the launcher depending on your operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux). Once you have downloaded the launcher you can go back to the Join Session page and a "meeting.collab" will be downloaded. Once you click on the "meeting.collab" download the launcher now opens the Blackboard session.