Galen University – “Unity” Mural

Galen University – “Unity” Mural

Sketches at Play

While many students at Galen University were busy learning other science, technology, and other mathematics subjects a few chose to undertake an elective art class with Mr. Fernando Cruz. Students from environmental science, accounting, business and other majors came together to disect and piece together a beauty of art. The final results became a mural under the theme of “Unity” which is now displayed in one of the classrooms at Galen University. The slideshow below contains some pictures of the piece of art.

Nephi Pott one of the students involved in creating the mural writes –

To begin, from left to right, the individual with many colors, many different hair textures and clothing represent the fact that we are all children of migration and that migration should not be looked at as an issue because people are just looking for a better life and travel across jungles, desserts and waters, travel day and night to get to somewhere they can get a better life for themselves and their families. The Mayan Ruin is a part of our roots, and was the first people in this part of the world, yet their influence still live on today. Just like our Galen experiences and education which we are receiving that will live on with us and influence the world tomorrow.

The middle, are all countries coming together and realizing that we all just belong to one race, the human race and that together we can solve most of the world problems, one of the biggest issues is that of the pollution on the right whereby mother earth is crying, the tree stumps cut from deforestation, the seas littered with plastic, yet we seem to be more focused on war for the very resources we are destroying. However, in unity we are bigger than the problems and we can easily overcome them as one.”

Another student Elise Gillet shares how she felt as part of the team –

“Being able to participate in creating this mural has been hard but yet very rewarding. The mural mainly focuses on portraying hope and unity; however, it incorporates many other theme such as migration, folklore and pollution. The flow of the Mural goes from left to right telling a story of people and the journey that they have had from past to present. Apart from its obvious meaning, this mural holds a close place to my heart because it represents the hard work and dedication that my classmates and I have put into creating this spectacular mural.”

This is but one of the many adventures students at Galen University undertake.

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