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If you are passionate about making people feel welcome, we can help you add innovation and ‘know-how’ for the delivery of a wholesome experience.

At Galen University (GU), our Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor’s Degree program is designed to help make your goal attainable in this exciting, and adventurous industry. Upon completion, the GU degree will equip you with the techniques and experience needed for a successful career in either the Hospitality or Tourism Industry.

Studies will include Food and Beverage Management, Front Desk Operations, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Tour Operations, and a host of other topics which will insure students are skilled and capable of managing the various positions in the hospitality industry.

Internships are a focal point of the degree. There will be many opportunities to gain valuable experience and make lasting connections. Intern students will be placed in various types of hospitality environments including several high-end properties.

Additionally students will be internationally recognized and accepted because of the certification from AHLEI (American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute). AHLEI is a premier provider of hospitality education and training that is globally recognized in the hospitality industry. Several of the courses in this Galen degree program will allow students to become AHLEI certified. They will also have the option of earning additional AHLEI certifications for courses that are not a part of the degree pathway.

Career Opportunities

  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Hotel General Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Front-of-House Manager
  • Tour Operator/ Manager

Increased Affordability

Galen University offers a variety of affordable financial aid services including a 7% to 9% low- interest bearing loan package, installment payment plan, scholarships and professional work study program. We assess each student thoroughly to determine the financial support they are qualified to receive and help them to select the best-fitted option.

To learn more about Galen University’s cash up- front tuition payment offer, and other options or solutions, please contact or call +501.824.3226. Ext. 120.Grants from CXC Passes can also be used to offset GU’s tuition cost.

Prepare for the sustainable future, earn your degree. For more information, contact to schedule a no- obligation visit or receive personalized assistance.

Easy Access

Students can enter our four- year Bachelor degree program directly from high school with a GPA of 2.50. Junior College applicants in any program can also transition smoothly into this curriculum. Relevant courses or transfer credits are accepted from all ATLIB institutions.