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Galen University offers the opportunity for its students to study hard, get exposed, and meet new interesting people. GU partners with several Universities in Canada, Taiwan, and United States. There are few modules in place; semesters, 2-year, 4-year and/or program studies. Students can study as an Exchange Student per semester, or a 2 + 2 year Study Abroad Program Scholar, and/or as a traditional Full-Time, 4-year Belize-based Program Pupil. Study Abroad program offerings are based in the availability of the various institutions and Galen University programs.

Qualified students applying to Galen University’s “Study Abroad” initiatives, whether to go abroad or to come to Belize; one must be prepared to provide supporting documents that might include, but are not limited to, official school transcripts, proof of English proficiency and current passport and/or travel papers. Interested student’s current course of choice must be compatible to the selected or accepting institution’s programs and he/she should possess and average or above average GPA. Good citizen standings and proof of financial support are also essential. All programs and requirements are tailored to match each selected student’s individual needs.

Student Support Services Encompass:

  • Airport and transportation pick-up to designated housing or dorm, in Belize or abroad
  • Immigration advising
  • International student orientation
  • Mentoring
  • Participation in events, trips and tours
  • Safety and secure living/board
  • Tutoring