Marissa Cervantes

“As a student enrolled in the GU Anthropology program with a minor in Marketing, I gain both the knowledge and skills to confidently engage with a wider public to help resolve critical cultural issues that Belizeans face today. I have conducted firsthand ethnography about national issues such as gang culture and women in politics.

I have also had the opportunity to develop my athletic talent by participating in the ATLIB football tournaments. Participating in various athletic events motivates me to stay in track with a healthy and fit lifestyle. Similarly, exploring art by painting murals has fueled my imagination and Eagle spirit.

Here, I have also gained a new family that supports me not only professionally but personally too. My life coach has provided me with coping mechanisms and a safe space to have a more positive outlook on life. In return, this has reinforced my self-esteem.

Being enrolled at Galen University has been the best decision I have made for my country, for my education, and for my well-being.”

Sheneil Salazar

“As a student at Galen, I can attest to the wonderful resources being offered to students. Despite the field of study, or course of which you might need assistance in, there is always someone to offer help. Galen goes above and beyond to ensure that each and every student’s academic needs are met. Students are provided with free tutoring services. These services are available both on and off-campus. I am one of the tutors here at Galen. We are more than willing to assist our fellow Eagles with whatever it is that they need assistance in. Before the pandemic affected us, we offered our services on campus and online. However, due to Covid regulations in place, these tutoring services are now being offered fully online. Other resources available on campus includes a library, desktops, and free internet access.

Before the pandemic, we usually had activities held monthly. Both staff and students could participate. These activities included scavenger hunts and Eagles Sports Day. To give back to our community, we also had our annual clean up campaigns. Being in the midst of a pandemic does not change the efforts that Galen makes to ensure that the academic need of each student is met. Tutoring services are being offered and online activities are still being held to keep staff and students engaged. The lecturers here at Galen are very reliable. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the material taught is understood by the students.

Sadly, my time at Galen is coming to an end. However, I must admit that it has been an amazing experience. Everyone is very welcoming, so even as a new student, you’ll feel quite comfortable.”

Noe Rivas

“As a former work scholar, there is so much I feel I am indebted to Galen University for. They made it really easy to be a part of the work scholarship program and study at the same time. They placed the working hours around my class schedule, to make both studying and putting in hours as uncomplicated as possible. Not only were they flexible with the design of your work schedule, but with the payment plans as well. I can speak from not only my personal experience, but from what I have also seen from my peers. Galen really tries their best to compromise and meet you half-way in whatever way they can. As the former leader of the Environmental Club, I must say that they were many project ideas us the students came up with, which always had the support of the staff. The teachers and staff at Galen are very involved and supportive, not just for classes, but for extracurricular activities as well. Thanks to the support from the staff at Galen, projects we the students had come up with, like clean-up campaigns and educational outreach programs were a success. Whatever ideas students may have had, Galen made it a priority to listen. This is the reason the campus life at Galen was always exciting. Social events like “water day” and “costume competition” were always taking place. Not only will I forever be in gratitude to Galen for being able to earn my degree, but for also making the ride a memorable and enjoyable experience.”

Raul Castillo

“Galen University has been a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I’ve found the courses to be fascinating and enjoyable as an Environmental Science major. In the past few months of being a Galen Eagle, I have grown as a student and as a leader under the tutelage of impressive and knowledgeable professors. Galen University has a welcoming environment that has made me feel comfortable and included. Even though I have been engaged in distance learning for the past year, I have felt a sense of connectedness and comradery with the students and faculty at Galen University. I am proud to call myself a Galen Eagle, and I am grateful to have had this opportunity to be a part of Galen University.”

Viandra Betancourt

“University is difficult no matter your age. For me, there have been amazing experiences, and also horrible ones that have left me wondering whether or not Education was worth it. This year has been self-reassuring. I have come to terms with graduating and opening up to the idea of new experiences, new hardships, and new self-love. As I sit here now just a few weeks from graduation, I find it unbelievable to believe all of the things I have accomplished, academically and personally. University has made me a more resilient, openminded, sociable, and knowledgeable person, who is a far different person from the one who enrolled three years ago. When I enrolled in school, I was adamant about making friends, having fun, and enjoying all the fruitful things that was advertised on teen tv shows. University has been nothing like that. While I have made amazing friends and truly have had amazing fun, University has been far more than just that. It is a place of realization and actualization. I have garnered exceptional communication and interpersonal skills thanks to some of my amazing professors that I have come to truly admire and respect. Since I decided to major in Anthropology and Criminal Justice, I have reestablished my tenacious nature and found a sense of self and purpose. I have also learned to analyze and critically think when looking for answers and solutions to problems that are thrown at me. I have come to the realization that I want to achieve the best possible results in my academic and personal life. All these skills and knowledge that I have acquired will help me advance in my career doing what I like- to help others.”