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Galen University is prepared to help students stay focused and motivated to achieve their goals. The school continually works to make its atmosphere and students’ experiences satisfying, so they can learn, garner and excel with ease.

Some Benefits

  • A variety of financial funding/loan options and support to those who qualify.
  • A variety of academic and intramural activities, along with groups and clubsBlended lecture delivery; online and on-campus.
  • Affordable student tuition and living costClasses are taught by credentialed professors and lecturers.
  • Creative and supportive faculty and staff.
  • Double major courses and/or minor options.
  • Flexible class delivery in the comfort of your home, on a beach, or anywhere with internet.
  • Mentoring and tutoring.
  • Part time job search and preparation assistance.
  • Professional and personal counseling.
  • Sustainable development policies and environment.
  • Travel around Belize and abroad as a Local Student or as an Exchange Student to study, do research, build camaraderie and/or cheer on athletic competition.
  • Travel and emergency health insurance.
  • Work Study programs .