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Student organizations play an important role in the development of a vibrant and enriching campus life. Student Organizations a medium through which students with common interests share ideas and explore learning. Formation and management of student organizations is a student initiative that is overlooked by the Office of Student Affairs in conjunction with the Student Government Association. Views of student organizations are not representative of Galen University’s views.

Benefits of Student Organizations

  • Space availability on campus for group meetings and activities
  • On-campus financial account with the University
  • Validity on campusInteract with students of similar interests
  • Collaborate with other student organizations
  • Development of leadership skills and professional experience
  • Involvement in governance and decision-making processes

Registration of Student Organization

All student organizations are required to register with the Office of Student Affairs before any organized activity is undertaken. To complete the registration process, the intendedorganization is required to formulate the organization’s purpose and formulate the organization’s constitution. The completed application package must be submitted to the Director of Student Affairs for final confirmation. All student organizations are required to re-register with the Director at the beginning of each semester.

Organizations must communicate to Student Affairs regarding hosting of events and/or trips. Any group trip must be conducted in compliance with the University’s policy regarding organizing of field trips.elize is a perfect backdrop for a strong Anthropology degree, we have all the necessary resources such as our Mayan temples, diverse cultures, variety of languages and even access to ancient biological material.

Constitution for Student Organizations

  • The official name of the student organization
  • A Mission and a Vision Statement
  • Membership requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities of its Executive body
  • Procedure for voting on organizational matters
  • The electoral process and timing
  • Any amendments to the constitution
  • The recruitment process
  • Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Affairs for further inquiries regarding the formation of student organizations.



The travel club focuses on creating opportunities for students to enjoy the majesty of Belize’s natural wonders by organizing and facilitating trips to a wide array of captivating destinations. Students marvel at the splendour of Belize’s environment while building their organizational skills, developing outdoor survival techniques and honing their team building talents. The club organizes interesting fund raising activities such as virgin piña colada sales or collecting entrance fees at national football tournaments. The club uses these funds to reduce the cost of trips for members of the club.

This professional student organization attracts International Business and Economics majors and minors. The club’s objective is to promote the professional development of its members through academic and professional activities. The club invites guest speakers, coordinates debates and makes presentations on topical issues that affect local and international businesses, industries, and the Economy as a whole. Club members also benefit from professional mentoring and career counselling in preparation for graduate studies and entry into their careers in Economics, International Trade, and Development.



Students who are committed to protecting the environment share their experiences and join forces to educate and advocate for more environmental protection around campus and in our communities. Recently members of the Environmental Club removed over ten cubic yards of plastic debris from along a half-mile stretch of the highway in front of Galen’s campus. The club is currently conducting research to support the development of a sustainable and sanitary waste disposal system for Galen’s campus which is off the national waste disposal grid. In addition, the club sponsors a Creek Clean Up every year to keep the mountain stream that runs around campus healthy and flowing.

This is the newest professional student organization on campus. The club attracts any student with a passion for computer programming. Though the majority of its members are computer science majors or minors the club welcomes students from other majors as well. The club has just elected its first set of executive leaders and is involved in organizing  The club promotes careers that use computer programming and events for students to increase their practical expertise before graduation.



This informal movement is seeking ways to organize the many musical talents of students by creating platforms for artistic expression. Students who express interest are invited to participate in impromptu sing along sessions as the members work to develop a formal choir. This group’s medium term goal is to develop a full Galen Band as an avenue for all musical artists as Galen to express their amazing musical talent.