The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) creates an environment that champions student support beyond the classroom. OSA provides quality programs and services to students and the greater campus community. These programs and services are designed to enlighten, enrich, and empower students to achieve their greatest potential in the pursuit of their academic and personal development. Check out all our programs, resources, and opportunities available to you.

Office Objectives

  • Provide development focusing on leadership with integrity, community involvement, high academic achievement, and concern for sustainable living.
  • Provide opportunities for student development through educational workshops, service learning, and social activities.
  • Provide life skills resources beyond the classroom in the areas of career development and counseling services

Conduct and Policies

The Galen University Student Handbook provides the main policies, procedures, and guidelines to assist students to easily adjust to life in the Galen community. The policies and procedures governing student life and student affairs are developed by the Office of Student Affairs in consultation with students, faculty, and staff members. Students who may have queries regarding any of the policies or procedures outlined in the handbook are encouraged to consult with a member of staff from the Office of Student Affairs. All constructive suggestions are welcome for the continuous improvement of student support.