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A specialization in animal internal medicine, wellness and preventative care.

Galen University’s veterinary Technician Associate’s degree program prepares students to care and provide preventative and maintenance services for animals. The program follows the North America Model of Veterinary Medical Education and the academic pathway is similar to the one followed by AVMA accredited veterinary schools in the US and Canada.

The Curriculum is organized in 3 stages: Pre-Clinical, Clinical I and Clinical II. The program delivery is a complex and advanced study, requiring a relatively long and demanding period of dedicated work in order to become a qualified practitioner. Students will cover many of the same topics found in a medical degree program relevant to human beings, except the focus will be on animals.

Coursework will include but not limited to anatomy, physiology, basic nursing, nutrition, parasitology, virology, pharmacology, toxicology and animal disease like Avian Influenza, Foot and Mouth. Students can also expect to gain valuable knowledge in administering general processes as well as performing critical care procedures that including emergency care for sick or injured animals and practicing how to handle Zoo keeping or aquarium services and management.

This 24-month Veterinary Technician Associate Degree Program is offered online with face-to-face field, lab and research class schedules on campus, relevant sites and labs.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion graduate will be able to compete with an eager for immediate employment in a demanding industry where the potential for socioeconomic rewards is high. Students will learn theoretical methods and practical skills to gain valuable knowledge with techniques to manage exotic, large and/or small animals. They will be able to work with professionals in the following areas but not limited to:

  • Avian medicine
  • Biomedical Research
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Clinic Supervision
  • DentistryEmergency
  • MedicineSurgery

Increased Affordability

Our tuition is designed to make it easier than ever to attend Galen University. We offer personalized assistance, contact to access a student loan from one of our approved financial insitutions. We will help you match your needs to an affordable plan that will allow you to pay for your tuition and fees on time. Contact us now. We want to help make your dreams a reality by assisting with available options adn solutions, to start yoru education here, at Galen University.

Easy Access

Students can enter this program directly from high school with GPA of 2.50. All relevant credits of courses are accepted from all ATLIB institutions. Additionally, interested applicants with related experience are also encouraged to apply.

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