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Scholarship Application Form: Click Here

We thank you for your interest in Galen University (GU), and what our Financial Services office has to offer. As a prospective or returning GU student, we are excited to learn that you are considering to attend our outstanding private prestigious institution. We pride ourselves in working closely with each student and their families to provide different opportunities. Students who qualify may be eligible for some of the following scholarships below:

Academic & Professional Excellence

A student who is awarded an academic excellence or professional work study scholarship, is one who has above 3.5 GPA (academic), or 3.0 GPA (professional), and maintains it. An Academic or Professional Scholar is a ‘stand-out’ role model who must also possess a need for financial support. This student is required to promote Galen through social services, professional work and good citizenship. Their scholarship award can be up to 35% of Galen’s tuition cost in combination with 40% Professional Work Study. The remaining 25% balance can be paid by cash, loan or installment payments. Professional work is determined by the Student Services DIrector and each student. The work given is based on the student’s interest, time and skills set. This work must be carried out on or off campus and must be assigned by the Student Services Director and agreed upon by both the Director and the student.

Athletic Prowess

Student Athletes who excel in an athletic sport can be awarded a scholarship starting with tuition coverage up to 75% of the cost. The remaining tuition balance can be covered by loans or instalment payment plans.

This scholarship requires Athletes to train and represent Galen University as a team member at all friendly and competitive matches in the sport that they demonstrate athletic prowess.

“As a prospective Galen University student, you are considering an oustanding, private presitgious institution that requires significant investment. The value of this investment, both academically and personally, will not only be realized over years as a student at Galen, but you will reap the benefits in the years well beyound the Unviersity when you are enjoying a successful career and an enriching life” Gina Escalante Anderson, Financial Services Director