The Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology is a small, but diverse Faculty that supports the needs of the nation’s development. The Faculty takes a ‘solutions’ orientated approach to the challenges faced by Belize and the region. Each of the programs seeks to address myriad development challenges from various perspectives to increase the country’s potential and possibilities. The programs are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, which aim to equip graduates with updated, practical knowledge and skills to address the social, cultural, environmental, and logistical challenges. The Anthropology and Criminal Justice programs apply the tools and insights from the social sciences; the Environment Science program combines various natural and social sciences; Computer Science brings together physical science and technology; the Veterinary Technician Associates program uses the tools from veterinary science.

All these programs prepare students to identify and apply innovative ways to improve and expand our development. Galen University’s Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology provide students with the tools to develop their communities and country in various ways, such as:

  • Producing software to enhance learning in primary school classrooms
  • Creating a restorative model of rehabilitation in the Belize Central Prison
  • Performing analyses that explore the potential for green financing
  • Promoting capacity building between communities and the tourism sector
  • Working toward the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Developing innovative solutions for sustainable development in Belize
  • Addressing farmers’ needs to continue producing healthy food sources