Dr. Rene Villanueva

Dr. Rene Villanueva



Honorary Doctorate from Galen University. First Belizean to receive an Honorary Doctorate from a Belizean University. Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RSV Media Centre, made up of LOVE FM, the only nationwide radio broadcasting system in Belize; ESTEREO AMOR, the only all Spanish Radio Station in Belize; MORE FM a youth voice of Belize and LOVE Television.

As Chief Broadcasting Officer, he successfully lead Radio Belize through two changes of Government thus transforming it from a government department that operated one radio station with little key senior staff in place, (at the time in 1983 no radio Engineer, Program Organizer among others), to a Broadcasting Corporation that operated two 24- hours Radio Stations and a small television station and TV production unit in a professional and structured manner.


❖Started the first ever National Television Newscast in 1986 and created some of the earliest local TV programming in Belize such as Village Life, Focus on Belize etc…

Drafted a proposed bill for the creation of Broadcasting Corporation for Belize in 1986; this served as the framework for the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize Act of 1990.

❖Attended Broadcasting forums in the Caribbean, Central and South America, the USA and Europe.

❖ Created FRIENDS FM in 1985 which was Belize’s first 24-hour FM Radio Station.

❖ Chairman of the Belize Carnival Association for Five years.

❖ Media Coordinator for the first Royal Visit of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second to Belize in 1985; was presented with an autographed picture by the Queen during a private audience requested by her.

❖ Served on the Governor-General’s committee in connection with the visit of HRH Prince Phillip to Belize in 1988.

❖ Spearheaded the Radio Publicity Campaign in connection with Belize’s Independence in 1981 and was Master of Ceremonies at most of the rallies and functions leading up to Independence in 1981.

❖ Guest Speaker for numerous activities including Graduations, Career Days, and Patriotic rallies.

❖ Has conducted broadcast interviews with several Presidents including President Jorge Serrano Elias on the occasion of the first official visit by a Prime Minister of Belize to Guatemala after that Country’s recognition of Belize’s Independence in 1991.

❖ Vetted and signed Belizean Passports in Belize City from 1983 until 1986 when the Department of Immigration and Nationality was created.