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Galen University’s Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education will prepare Secondary School Teachers and Content Area Specialists in the following:

  • English & English Education
  • Math & Math Education
  • Physics & Physics Education
  • Business & Business Education
  • Belizean Studies & Social Studies
  • Computer Science & Computer Science Education

The program is fully online and is designed to support competent, ethically and critically reflective applicants. Students can enter the program as a Junior College transfer student or High School graduate. Candidates entering directly from high school can expect to complete their degree in 4 years, while Junior College transfer students can accomplish their degree in 2 ½ years, (depending on how many relevant credits transferred from their A.Sc. programs). This program is approved by the Ministry of Education and upon completion, graduates from this program will qualify for full licensure in the field of specialization at the secondary level.


As a Galen student you can study anywhere. Imagine taking all your online classes, one at a time; in the comfort of your home, on a beach, on the road or at a game. Galen University’s programs were developed with the goal to make studying and completing classes flexible. They are delivered by some of Belize’s top Lecturers.


The Galen University’s curriculum prepares graduates with the tools needed to help them grow and develop solid foundations for sustainability. Emphasis is placed on the subject matter specialization along the teaching across discipline, and alternative assessment, curricular design and leadership.


Our University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education is accredited by Belize’s Board of Teacher Education and can be used to support Galen University graduates’ applications for permanent teaching licenses and salary upgrades.

Very Affordable

Galen University offers a variety of affordable financial aid programs, including a 7%-9% low- interest bearing package, an installment payment plan, scholarship and professional work study programs. To learn more about Galen University’s cash up-front tuition payment offer, and other options or solutions, please contact or call +501.824.3226.Let’s help prepare our youth for a Bright Future, while securing your own. Earn your degree. For more information, contact to schedule a no- obligation visit or receive personalized assistance for admissions.

Easy Access

Students can enter our four- year Bachelor program directly from high school with a GPA of 2.50. Junior College majors in Education also transition smoothly into this program. All relevant credits of courses are accepted from all ATLIB institutions.